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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

First look into my handmade invitations.

This is a small group of the invitations that I have made by hand. This invitation group for my sons party took quite a few weeks to make. I actually made them almost eight months early while I was still pregnant, because I knew once the baby came I wouldn't have the time nor the patience. I handmade the stencils used to make the McQueens and the Route 66 signs, as well as painted each indivitual one.

I use stamps quite often for my information side.

These were super cute. I thought of them one night while having trouble sleeping. These invitations look like little princess story books, with the front inviting the guests with a "Once Upon a Time.." opener. This opening can easily be changed to meet another situations circumstances.

The middle page included an Under the Sea page to incorporate the theme of her birthday cake along with keeping the princess train of thought in a little more of a creative way.

Each story book ended with a classic Disney Princess. I believe I had characters ranging from Aurora, Snow White, Jasmine to Cinderella. These were fun! I included her clothing sizes, "gift wish list", and my phone number on the very back.

These were done for a Kids Valentine Party last year. It was a fun idea. I plan on making this a normal annual event after the kids get a little older.

A peak into my portfolio. I have a special place to keep all my past work, so that I can grow in my techniques, as well as remember how I made them so that I am able to remake my "favorites".

This was a bridal shower invitation I made for my sister-in-law before she married my brother-in-law. I liked how I did the contact info on these. I covered my phone number for the sake of privacy, but that was also on a tag. Very simple, easy to make, and totally fun.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Princess dresses on their hangers

I came up with this for my daughter's second birthday party. I wanted something different that I hadn't seen before and this seemed like a cute idea. One of my favorites so far.

  Cinderella's gown was made from three pieces of printing paper, a few shades of blue paints and some silver glitter.
  I drew an outline for the skirt longways on one piece, the top of the dress shortways on the second piece, and the two sleeves on the third. I then cut them out, painted them with my desired colours and added glitter. They were then layed out to dry.
  When dry, I layed the pieces where they were suppose to go, and laminated it with clear packing tape.

Belle's dress was done pretty much the same. I used kid size hangers for all of these and tied the clips to them with white yarn (it seemed to blend in the best and is simple to tie securely).

I thought including the ownership of which dress belonged to which princess was adorable.

The sleeves of Cinderella's blue dress went on top when it came to connecting them to the dress. Belle's yellow sleeves, however, went underneath because they would technically be sown onto the inside of the dress, not the outside. I thought this dress turned out nicely.
For Ariel, I decided to go with her under the sea attire, for the sake of variety and because that was the theme of my daughter's birthday cake. I used one piece of printing paper for the ocean background. I believe I used two shades of blue (light first, then darker). I then used the silver glitter to make waves.
The fin was made from a seperate piece of printing paper. For the larger portion, I made an outline with pencil and cut it out. Did the same on a seperate sheet of paper for the fin and decorative top piece for the fin. I then cut them out, painted them my desired colours. After they dried, I laminated them and connected that entire piece to the already laminated ocean background.

The shell top was simply folding a sheet of paper in half and cutting the shape. That way both came out even. I then cut the strap, painted all three pieces, and added glitter. When dry I laminated the shell top, then connected it to the already laminated ocean background.
I then put it on the hanger and hung them around the livingroom. They were the perfect addition to the party and it's theme. Very subtle and simply beautiful. I recieved alot of compliments on these. Best part is because they are laminated I can use them again and again!

Happy Envelopes

I handmake alot of birthday invitations and therefore end up with lots and lots of envelopes and am not always certain what to do with them. Today I decided to get creative. The kids and I came up with these little guys. They are simple and perfect if you have kids in the preschool age range. My kids are one, two and three, and this was perfect for my older two. They had a blast and as messy as my middle child is, he really didn't make too much of one.

All you need is foam shapes (I bought mine from Michaels), glue and a colorful array of envelopes. I let them each make about six, and it only took about fifteen minutes.
Easter is coming up in a couple weeks, and daddy's birthday only a week from today. We will be puting our handmade cards to daddy, grandparents and friends into these.